Hailing from the rainy city of Manchester, UK, a young Curley would often find escape from the gloomy weather by drawing characters and writing stories, often staying up way past his bed time.

That talent eventually landed him a job in children’s book publishing, which culminated
in a move to New York City where his passion for filmmaking took hold.

His first taste of success was at the TRIBECA, and SAO PAULO  Film Festivals with
the short film,
SKIPS. The following year he was invited to BERLINALE’S Talent Campus
with his second short film, 

After developing a project with Academy nominated producer BOB BALABAN,
Curley became an apprentice to Mr. Balaban on the bio feature O'Keeffe (
JOAN ALLEN, JEREMY IRONS). On this project Curley gained valuable insight into working with actors from one of the industry’s most respected actor/directors.

A move to Los Angeles to work as a writers’ assistant on SHOWTIME’S HOUSE OF LIES
saw Curley further enrich his storytelling skills as he
became immersed in the world of episodic storytelling and character development.

Curley’s projects explore the darker and sometimes comedic side of the human experience, reflecting the differences and similarities which bind us all together.